1. What is the most common fishing tool used to externally engage a fish?

2. What are the two main purposes of a spear stop?

3. What is the “rule of thumb” clearance needed between wash pipe and drill collar when
washing over?

4. What is a motion compensator used for on floating drilling installations?

5. To obtain the desired jarring blow using less drill collars, you would use an ____________.

6. This tool is placed in the jarring string _____________ a specified amount of drill collars.

7. The Bowen type “Z” oil jar is a blue color and has a stroke of _______________ inches.

8. If the type z oil jar will not hit as hard as it should, the _______________ may be worn excessively or the ______________may be damaged.

9. What is the method used to release from an overshot downhole?

10. If the top of the fish is in a washed out portion of the hole, list four deflection tools in your order of preference to extend the fishing tool into the wash out?

11. List the tool string to recover an OTIS “AWD” permanent packer 52” long, in 9-5/8” x 47# casing with 4.25” ID, this packer has an 8 foot mill-out extension below it. The work string is 5” drillpipe w/ 4-1/2 IF connections, 6-1/4” drill collars w/ 4” IF (4-1/2 XH) connections.

8-5/8” 24# Surface Casing to 1000’
7-7/8” Open Hole
Total Depth 9800’
D.P. Conn - 4-1/2 XH
D.C. Conn - 4-1/2 XH 9 @ 6-1/4”OD
Wireline logging tool stuck on bottom

Customer has well to TD @ 9800’ wireline logs are being done run in open hole with logging equipment which has a radio active element in the tool. Logging tool is stuck on bottom. Customer parted wireline between the floor sheave and the logging truck.

A. At approximately what depth would you expect to encounter the wireline?

B. Make out Dummy progress report to recover the wireline. Assume line pulls out of the rope socket - run tools to recover logging tool of 3-5/8”OD x 25’ long with 12” of
2-5/16”OD Fishing Neck.

8-3/4” Open Hole to 9500’
4-1/2 OD DP w/ XH Conn.
23 6-1/2”OD DC’s w/ 5” H-90
9-5/8” casing set @ 960’

Body break in 4-1/2” OD tube @ 8700’. Engaged fish with 8-1/8” OD Overshot dressed for 4-1/2” OD with 36” stroke bumper sub, jars, six (6) 6-1/4” OD drill collars and jar intensifier. Worked fish for 12 hours. Done no good. Rig up wireline through the swivel. Fish is plugged, cannot get inside. Will release overshot and trip for external cutter.
Write up a step by step procedure to release overshot with kelly bushing in the rotary and with drill pipe slips.

td @ 12,600’
8-3/4” OPEN HOLE
4-1/2 X 16.60# D.P. W/ 4-1/2 XH Conn.
24 6-1/4” OD D.C.’s x 2-3/8” ID

Rig has dropped 70 stands of drill pipe and the 24 drill collars. Bit trip tagged fish @ 5310’. Figure drill pipe and drill collars as 30.00’.

1. Using these tools, figure drill pipe and kelly in hole to tag fish.
                                    Overshot 3.46’
   Bit sub - 4.00’      Bumper Sub 5.96’
                               Change Over .58’
2. Backed off 10611’
Using same tools, show string to tag with Overshot.
Figure top of drill collars and depth of bit.

3. Backed off 11,820’
Picked up washover string. Using figure listed figure string to tag fish with shoe.
Shoe 4.00’
12 jts 8-1/8” x 7” Pipe 360.00’
Safety Joint Top Sub 3.85’
Bumper Sub 6.15’
Oil Jar 6.00’
Change Over 2.00’
6- Drill Collars 180.00’
TOTAL B.H.A. 562.00’

4. Figure string to tag fish with washpipe top sub.
Show depth of shoe.

5. Figuring joints of washpipe at 30 ft. each, how many joints will be required to finish washing over the fish?

Rig has B.J. Type “B” Tongs
5” H-90 x 7” OD x 2-1/2” ID Drill Collars
4-1/2 XH x 16.60 Drill Pipe w/ 6-1/4” OD x 3-1/4” ID Tool Joints
Our Tools are 4-1/2 FH X 6” OD x 2-1/4” ID

Using Drilco drilling assembly handbook, find recommended torque (ft. lbs.) for these joints and calculate tong line pull required. B.J. Type “B” Tongs have 48” Handles

RKB to ML @ 147’
CASING SIZES = 9-5/8” x 43.5#, 13-3/8” x 72#, 20” x 133#, 30” x 1-1/2” wall
Rig tubulars = 5” x 19.9# drill pipe w/ 4-1/2 IF conn. ; 5” hevi-wate drill pipe w/ 4-1/2” IF conn.; 8” drill collars w/ 6-5/8” reg conn.

Last casing will be abandoned 5 feet below mudline. 9-5/8” and 13-3/8” are cemented together. Determine depth of cuts on casings. Make out a recommended tool list for cutting casings and recovering it.

RKB to SEA BED @ 5500 feet
RKB to WATERLINE @ 75 feet
WELLHEAD = Vetco MS-700
CASING SIZES = 9-5/8” x 53.5# to be recovered @ 3850 ft. below seabed
13-3/8” x 72# to be recovered @ 3000 ft. below seabed
20” x 133# to be recovered @ 15 ft. below seabed
30” x 1-1/2” wall to be recovered @ 15 ft. below seabed
Rig tubulars = 5-1/2” x 24.7# drill pipe w/ 5-1/2 HT-55 conn. ; 5-1/2” hevi-wate drill pipe w/ 5-1/2 HT-55 conn.; 8” drill collars w/ 6-5/8” reg conn.

1. The 9-5/8” casing will be recovered using a single trip cut and pull system.
Note the depth of the cut from RKB and proposed BHA.
2. The 13-3/8” casing will be cut using a marine swivel. Note the depth of the cut from RKB
and proposed BHA’s.
3. The 20” x 30” will be cut and pulled using a single trip cut and pull system.
Note the depth of the cut from the RKB and proposed BHA for this cut. If spacer subs are required note the sub length.

Casing 9-5/8” x 47# shoe set @ 10,750 ft.
7” x 29# liner top @ 10, 650 ft. and shoe @ 12,350 ft.

Work strings are:
6-1/2” drill collars w/ 4-1/2 IF conn.
5” drill pipe w/ 4-1/2 IF conn.
4-3/4” drill collars w/ 3-1/2 IF conn.
3-1/2” drill pipe w/ 3-1/2 IF conn.

Baker Model “D” sump packer with 4.25” bore and 10 foot mill out extension and 6 ft of tubing pup joint and mule shoe below it. Packer length 36”, set @ 12,145 ft.
Long string: 2-7/8” CS Hydril x 6.5# x N-80
Short String: 2-3/8” CS Hydril x 4.7# x N-80
Baker A-5 Dual Packer set @ 10,315 ft. w/ 65,000 shear

Objective is to recover existing completion to TD. Write your procedure that will include BHA’s to recover existing completion and tool list for load out. Note over pulls and yields where appropriate.

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